Hello, I’m Eshaan Mathur.
I am Passionate about creating impactful web products.

About Me

I am a passionate digital media specialist. I create a user-friendly web application or online experience. I use my knowledge of a combination of front-end frameworks and server-side frameworks to develop these online experience. I have a working understanding of Vue, React to build the user-interface and Express.js to create complex functionality on servers. I leverage my expertise in Digital Advertising to inform my design decisions on every project.

To know more about me, you can check out my resume or check my LinkedIn profile.

When I am not busy coding, I like to craft stories, doodle and explore new cuisines.

Websites I have worked on

Tronc & Co


Code the webiste based on a given design


Build the website base on given design specs

Make the site work on mobile and tablet

Doctor 24x7


Create a microsite for promoting a subcription with payment.


Design a custom page.

Set up a simple database of subcribers.

Set up payments on the page.

Serenity Residences


Create a single page website that informs prospective guest about the property.



Create an informational video about factory processes targeted to customers.


On location shooting video.

Story boarding the video.

Editing the video.

DBD Business Solutions


Setup new theme on the website.



Set up new wrodpress website.

Shagun Bhutani


Create a portfolio website.

Stories I Have written

The one who jumps

That man on the bridge never in his wildest dreams he thought they day would end like this. He would be standing at the edge of this bridge…

All the time in the world

Time, it is the one thing that is running out. We never seem to have it when we need it the most. At any moment, no one is this world…

Have you heard the one about the patient

It is funny you know, you never think this can happen to you. I mean you see it in movies, read about it in books. But never think you will…

When I met a fortune teller

I was in a fair alone and bored. It was a Sunday afternoon and after a horrible week, I could use some distraction in my life. Most people…

The new neighbour

Hi again, a lot has changed since we last spoke. Lets get you up to speed with my life. I have graduated from college, working and staying…